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Food Grade Xanthan Gum 80 Mesh

Listing date: 2019-03-29

Xanthan Gum is a heteropolysaccharide derived from the fermentation of sugars by the Xanthomonas campestris bacterium with below good characteristics:

Dissolve easily in both hot and cold water;

Compatible with a variety of products;

Highly efficient thickener;

Good pseudoplastic (shear thinning);

Maintains viscosity over a wide range of temperatures and pH fluctuations.

Xanthan Gum act as important stabilizer, thickening agent, and processing assistant agent, is widely used in yogurt, ice cream, sauce, ketchup and bottled food, bakery food, beverage drinking and others. Xanthan Gum had excellent stability compared with other hydrophilic colloid gums, and it has strong thermal stability. Conventional high temperature sterilization will not affect it, so it can be used in various juice drinks, vegetable protein drinks, etc., The dosage is about 0.08%-0.3% in beverage juice and protein juice, preventing oil moisture layer and improve protein stability to avoid protein precipitation.

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