Food Grade Sodium CMC with Different Visocisty, DS and Particle Size

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, often known as Sodium CMC or CMC, is widely used in today’s food industry as a good thickening agent, binding agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, water retention agent, and film-forming agent etc. It is a purified salt of carboxymethyl cellulose with a minimum CMC rate of 99.5%.


SINOCMC has been specializing in CMC industry for many years. We can supply food grade CMC with different viscosity, DS (degree of substitution) and particle size to satisfy various needs of customers for different segments of the market. Let’s discuss the three specifications separately.

1. Viscosity

The range of viscosity we can supply is between 10cps to 10,000cps. It covers most of the applications in food industry.

2. DS (degree of substitution)

The typical level of degree of substitution is 0.7-0.9 and over 0.9. CMC has better performance when mixed with other food additives such as pectin, gelatin, agar and sodium alginate to form a composite system. Generally speaking, higher DS can improve the compatibility with other system components. Higher DS CMC is also more stable in acid matrix and it has good salt-resistance function.

3. Particle Size

SINOCMC can also provide CMC with different particle size from granular to extra fine forms, which could meet the different needs of customers’ formulation and processing equipment. In addition, the dissolving time for granular CMC is much shorter than powder form, and it will not cause dust in working environment which is harmful to workers. And of course the price of CMC in granular form is higher than powder CMC.

If you are interested in our food grade CMC, please feel free to reach out to SINOCMC team.



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