How CMC works in textile industry

Printing paste is a polymer compound that plays a thickening role. It can dissolve in water or fully swell and disperse in water to form a thick colloidal solution. As the main component of printing paste, it largely determines the color brightness, surface color supply, pattern outline clarity, printing uniformity, and fabric feel of the printed fabric. It is an important factor affecting the printing effect. Since the advent of reactive dye printing, sodium alginate has been widely used as printing paste. However, sodium alginate is not resistant to strong acids, alkalis and heavy metal ions; Easy to mold and poor storage stability; The structural viscosity of the slurry is low, close to the rheological properties of Newtonian fluid, and its application is limited due to the defects such as poor permeability, mesh permeability, color yield, and brightness.

CMC works in textile industry

Carboxymethyl Cellulose is a substitute for sodium alginate. Although there are a large number of active hydroxyl groups in the molecule, which is easy to react with reactive dye and is not suitable for printing with reactive dye, when the degree of substitution is higher than 1, CMC can be used as the printing size of reactive dye. The highly substituted CMC size, as the printing size of reactive dye, has good performance, high structural viscosity and good water holding property, and is suitable for rotary screen, flat screen and manual printing. It is more suitable for fine pattern printing of hydrophilic fiber textiles than sodium alginate. Furthermore, CMC has adhesion to most fibers, which can improve the bonding between fibers. Its stable viscosity ensures the uniformity of sizing, thereby improving the efficiency of weaving. It can also be used as a finishing agent for textiles, especially for anti wrinkle finishing, bringing durability changes to the fabric.

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