Cellulose Ether Used in Painting Industry

Cellulose Ether is a high molecular compound with ether structure made from cellulose(refine cotton or wooden fiber). It’s good and popular material which is widely used in painting, detergent, cosmetics and building construction applications. Today, we would like to introduce cellulose ether used in paint industry, especially in waterborne painting. There are three types of cellulose ether commonly used in paint industry. Let’s introduce their differences and characteristics briefly.

  1. Painting grade Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose(SCMC):

   Sodium CMC is a anion cellulose ether and a kind of protective hydrophilic colloid. It can increase the stability of coating emulsifier and keep waterborn painting system stable. Mostly customers use high viscosity Sodium CMC in painting production, such as our Kishner-15(5000-6000mPa.s) and Kishner-16(6000-7000mPa.s). It’s unit price is much lower compared with HEC and HPMC which is more economical.

  • HEC=Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

   HEC is a kind of nonionic cellulose ether with good stabilizer, emulsifier, suspension and film formation properties. And it can be dissolved in cool water and any pH value solution.

HEC coating auxiliary can be used in thick emulsion and won’t occur flocculation. HEC also has highest viscosity which can reduce dosage and decrease production cost. It can satisfy most paint production formula request.

  • HPMC=Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose

   HPMC is also a kind of nonionic cellulose ether with good stabilizer, emulsifier, suspension and film formation properties. Mostly it is used in building construction, ceramic tile sealant and waterborne paint. HPMC can be mixed with Sodium CMC, HEC and RDP(Redispersible Polymer Powder) that can meet high request paint formula production.


It’s storage life is much longer compared with Sodium CMC.

Besides, Sodium CMC can be also used in building construction, powder detergent, paper making, ceramic, textile, oil drilling, mining and food industries. Various type of Sodium CMC(powder, coarse and granular appearance) can be provided by SINOCMC. If you have any request about Sodium CMC, please contact SINOCMC freely.



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