Sodium CMC Used in Occlusive Dressings for Pharmaceutical Industry

As we all know, Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (Sodium CMC or CMC) is nowadays widely used in pharmaceutical industry. Today we will talk about the specific application of CMC in occlusive dressings.


Moist healing theory was first proposed in 1962 by George W.D. The theory believes that putting the wound in a closed, moist environment is conducive to the accelerated healing of the wound. Occlusive dressings are a new type of wound dressings developed under the background of “wet healing theory”. At present, alginate dressings, polyurethanes dressings and hydro-colloid dressings all belong to this category and have been applied in clinical practice. Among them, hydro-colloid dressing is the most widely used, and its basic component is sodium carboxymethyl cellulose. CMC has the characteristics of absorbing wound seepage to form gel, thus maintaining the appropriate temperature and humidity of the wound and supporting the wound. In addition, the surface of hydro-colloidal dressing is polyurethane semi-permeable film, and the adhesive part adopts synthetic adhesive. These characteristics enable the dressing to cover the wound, block the invasion of macro-molecular substances and bacteria, and ensure the gas exchange between the wound and the outside world. The synthetic adhesive makes the dressing close to the skin around the wound and has good elasticity and deformation properties, which ensures that the wound is in a closed, warm, wet environment to create conditions.


CMC dressings are commonly used in clinical dressing changes for chronic and refractory wounds such as pressure sores, diabetic feet, nutritional ulcers, and burns. It is generally concluded that CMC accelerates the healing of chronic wounds, reduces the pain of dressing changes, shortens the treatment time of patients, reduces the workload of nurses, and generally saves treatment costs. In recent years, there are also reports on the use of CMC dressings in the treatment of acute surgical wounds.

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