CMC help to improve ceramic products

As one of the important decorations and daily articles in today’s society, ceramics have been widely used and produced in large quantities. Especially in the modern toilet, kitchen and dinning room, such as ceramic tile, toilet, bathtub, etc., ceramic products have excellent gloss and can show artistic taste, can fully bring people different enjoyment.

CMC is an indispensable ingredient in successful ceramic manufacturing, which can be added as excipient, plasticizer and reinforcer of billet. In the production of ceramic floor tiles, how to improve the strength of the body is a very important problem, CMC as a strengthening agent of the body can effectively solve this problem.


Due to the large molecular spacing and easy movement of CMC, there is no thickening effect on ceramic mud. Therefore, when the mud is dried, the molecular chain can form a network structure, which plays a skeleton role in the body powder and can significantly improve the strength of the body. For ceramic glaze of the manufacturing process, the glaze slurry plays a role of suspension because it is easy to produce precipitation, so the actual effect of suspension is limited. If adding CMC, due to its special mesh structure and the glaze slurry particle adsorption, it can effectively organize glaze slurry particles contact each other, so that improve the stability, increase slurry suspended.


In the production of ceramic green body, CMC can effectively strengthen the support and stability of green body by forming firm network and hydration film, making it easier to plastic. In the production of glaze slurry, the addition of CMC can control the rheology, improve the adhesion ability of the glaze, prevent the particle from settling and delamination, and prevent the glaze surface from streaking, etc., so as to achieve a smooth glaze effect. In glaze printing, the acid, alkali and salt resistance property of CMC ensures that it dissolves quickly in printing glaze, reduces cleaning times and color difference, and effectively ensures the stability of printing glaze in the storage stage.



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