CMC help to improve your yogurt and ice cream product

Food grade sodium carboxymethyl cellulose can be used as an excellent food grade additive, which is widely used in the more and more popular yogurt product.

In fact, high-quality CMC has excellent acid resistance and high salt-to-viscosity ratio. The degree of substitution can be high and uniform. SINOCMC can provide CMC with corresponding viscosity according to the different formulations of our customers. It can not only be applied to lactic acid and fruit acid beverage, but also can be applied to food and condiment with a certain degree of acidity. According to our test result, the recommended addition amount is about 3-4‰. It should be noted that the specific ratio need to be adjusted according to customer’s formula.


In addition to yogurt product, food-grade CMC is also used as a stabilizer in ice cream industry. Traditional ice cream generally used gelatin as a stabilizer, but it is no longer suitable for using in modern industry. Food-grade CMC can be used as an emulsifier and stabilizer, and the relationship between its viscosity and temperature is reversible, which is beneficial to increase the expansion rate of ice cream and prevent the formation of ice chips in ice cream. When CMC is at a high temperature, its viscosity is low. At that time, during the cooling and aging stage, as the temperature drops, the viscosity of CMC begin to increase. In other words, CMC can help ice cream product to withstand sudden changes in temperature.


When people eat ice cream, CMC can also play an important role in resisting melting, bulking, and smooth taste. In addition, the use of CMC is less, quality control is relatively easier, and the aging time is also adapted to modern cold drink industrial production lines, which can adapt to mass production, improve product quality, reduce costs, and increase benefits.

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