CMC Plays An Important Role in The Food Industry

CMC is one of the most important food additives, due to its characteristic of thickening, suspension, emulsification, stability, shape, film-forming, expansion, anti-corrosion and preservation and other functions. It can replace the role of Gelatin, Agar, Sodium Alginate and Pectin in food production. It has been widely used in ice cream, bakery food, fruit juice, vegetable juice, yogurt, noodles, etc.

The basic raw materials of CMC are refined cotton and wood pulp, both are pure natural plant components, and there are no added raw materials that may be allergenic or potentially harmful. CMC can be tested by HALAL and Kosher, which is more suitable for people with different needs, including Vegans, Lacto-vegetarians, Egg-Lacto Vegetarians, etc. Due to natural ingredients and non-hazardous, the product does not contain allergens such as milk, cereals, crustaceans, eggs, fish, peanuts, soybeans, tree nuts, etc., so all kinds of people can eat with confidence.

Food grade CMC has been widely used in a variety of liquid beverages, like fruit juice, vegetable juice, etc. Food grade CMC can make the pulp or various solids or other substances suspend evenly and plumply in the container, improving taste and also extending the shelf life of the beverage.

CMC can be used as an emulsifier and stabilizer, and the relationship between its viscosity and temperature is reversible, which is beneficial to increase the expansion rate of ice cream and prevent the formation of ice chips in ice cream. It can help ice cream product to withstand sudden changes in temperature.

Moreover, for bakery food, CMC with function of emulsification is added to the starch in the dough complexation. It can improve the internal organization of bread, make uniform baking bread honeycomb, increase the volume and surface brightness. It can also prevent the bread in the gelatinization of starch retrogradation of ageing, extend the freshness of bread. 



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