How Does CMC Play A Role in Paper Making Industry?

Normally paper making grade CMC refers to powder products, but in fact, it also contains granular products. There are many formulas and processes using granular CMC have a better effect.

Please refer to the following content for the feature of paper making grade CMC:

Adding CMC to the wet end of paper making can effectively improve the bond of pulp fibers and improve the uniformity and strength of paper. Because CMC has an affinity with fibers, it can effectively reduce the loss of fillers and fine fibers and improve the drainage performance of pulp. As a fiber dispersant, it can make the fibers evenly dispersed and ensure the uniformity of the paper. Combining CMC with wet strength agent or dry strength agent before paper forming can improve the wet strength and dry strength of the paper.

After adding it, the strength of the paper can be increased by 40-50%, and the flexibility can be increased by 4-5 times. The viscosity of the product can be referred to the specification of viscosity 400-500cps.

CMC can be used for surface sizing. After use, the fiber holes of the paper will be sealed by the adhesive film, which can reduce the paper’s absorption of water from the air, and can also avoid the evaporation of water in the paper when the air is dry, prevent the paper from curling or brittle, and improve the surface strength and smoothness, improve paper’s absorption of ink and high quality. CMC is also used in paper and cardboard coatings to increase the water retention value, prevent the migration of water-soluble adhesives, improve rheology, and improve the leveling effect of pigments.

Our COSPAR series product can be adapted to the preparation process of various papers according to different requirements, and we can provide powder or granular products as per customer needs. Welcome to consult.



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