How to Choose Suitable CMC?

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose is one of cellulose ether made by natural fibre-refined cotton and wood pulp. It can be widely used in food, detergent, paper making, ceramic and mining industries etc. But there are more than 80 types CMC based on different purity, viscosity and degree of substitution (D.S), etc. And how to choose the most suitable type CMC ? Let’s introduce some tips briefly.

1. For food grade Sodium CMC(), we can only focus on the pH of your foods, such as yogurt, acid drinks. If the pH is less than 5, you should choose the acid-resistant type CMC. Otherwise, normal type is ok.

2. For detergent grade CMC(), you need to confirm if you will use CMC in powder detergent or liquid detergent. If it’s powder detergent is the production method high tower spray drying method? If it’s liquid detergent, is it laundry detergent or industrial detergent? The purity should be above 99.5% if it’s used in laundry detergent. Otherwise, the purity above 90% is ok for industrial detergent.

3. For Sodium CMC used in paper making industry, you should confirm if it’s used as wet end additive to increase paper strength or coated paper as sizing agent. If it is used as sizing agent, the coating speed is very important. For high coated speed, it’s better to choose coarse CMC with high D.S.

4. For CMC used in ceramic industry, you need to confirm if it’s used in ceramic body or ceramic glaze. if it was used in ceramic glaze, the coarse CMC with D.S above 0.9 is the best choice.

5. For Sodium CMC used in mining industry, you need to confirm which type of mine it is. CMC is widely used in platinum mine – you could use our coarse (granular) CMC with high D.S and high purity for this mine.

Besides, Sodium CMC can also be mixed with Xanthan Gum to be used in food, detergent and Oil Drilling industries, with PVA(Polyvinyl Alcohol) and PAM (Polyacryl Amide) to be used in paper making and textile industries.

If you don’t know which type CMC is suitable for you, pls feel free to contact us.



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