How to Use CMC to Enhance Taste and Flavor of Food

CMC is one of the most important food additives, due to its characteristic of thickening, suspension, emulsification, stability, shape, film forming, expansion, anti-corrosion and preservation and acid resistance and other functions. It can replace the role of Gelatin, Agar, Sodium Alginate and Pectin in food production. It has been widely used in a variety of food, like ice cream, bakery food, fruit juice, vegetable juice, yogurt, instant noodles, etc.

Food grade CMC can make the pulp or various solids or other substances suspend evenly and plumply in the container, for frozen food like ice cream, it can play an important role in resisting melting, bulking, and smooth taste. It can also be used as an emulsifier and stabilizer, so it is widely used in ice cream, yogurt, fruit drinks and cakes to improve the taste and flavor.

CMC has water retention, dispersion stability and film-formation, which can reduce syneresis of food, prolong the shelf life, maintain the stability of food, prevent oil and water delamination (emulsification), control the crystal size in frozen food (reduce ice crystal); It can help to form a film in fried food to prevent excessive absorption of oil. The addition of CMC in the production of fried instant noodles will improve the structure and tendon of noodles. It can form a layer of film on the surface of noodles, effectively reduce the oil content of fried noodles.

For bread, CMC can prevent the bread in the gelatinization of starch retrogradation of ageing, make uniform baking bread honeycomb, increase the volume, extend the freshness of bread and improve taste. For snacks, CMC can effectively improve the texture of flour, adjust the flour gluten degree, make biscuits and pancakes form well, cake body smooth and low crushing rate, enhance the taste of crisp and delicious flavor.


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