Instant Sodium CMC

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose is one kind of cellulose ether which is a good thickener and emulsifier. It can be widely used in food, detergent, paper making, ceramic and painting industries.

There are various types of CMC based on different appearance (granular and powder) and dissolving rate (instant and general).

The differences between instant Sodium CMC and general one:

  1. Production Technology difference: controlled by different temperatures and drying methods;
  2. Instant Sodium CMC has good transparency while general one will lump after water swelling;
  3. Dissolve time: Instant Sodium CMC can dissolve completely within five minutes while it will be over 1 hour for general one;
  4. Stability property: Instant Sodium CMC is very stable after complete dissolving in water or other liquid medium while general one is unstable after one week, especially for the lower purity and degree of substitution types CMC or used in acid and salty environment.

However, instant Sodium CMC can only be used in technical industries since dispersing agent needs to be added. Currently most customers use instant Sodium CMC in liquid detergent like car liquid washing, floor liquid washing, etc.

SINOCMC can provide different viscosity ranges of instant Sodium CMC with the same quality as Tixotrol DB 60M and Tixotrol DB 100 M6 but with much more competitive prices.

Besides, granular Sodium CMC can also promote dissolving rate with less dust. It is widely used in ceramic glaze, mining and paper making industries. It can also bring less dust during production and is healthy for workers. Our granular Sodium CMC is the same quality as FINNFIX 2, FINNFIX 5, FINNFIX 10 and FINNFIX 300.

For more information about our Sodium CMC, please contact SINOCMC Team freely.



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