Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose Introduction in SINOCMC

CMC as a chemical additive, it is widely used in industrial production because of its excellent chemical characteristics and cost-effective performance. Now it is an important part of production in food industry, detergent industry, textile industry, mining industry and many other industries. SINOCMC focusing on sodium CMC for nearly 20 years have formed reasonable and standardized product standards and detailed categories.

FINSIN series, Sodium CMC used in food industry as good emulsifier, stabilizer and thickener. It can be used in beverage, cheese, ice cream, baking and many other foods. It is harmless to human body and effectively improve the taste and flavor of the product, extend the storage life. Besides, SINOCMC can provide a variety of specifications from low viscosity to high viscosity products.

DECARE series, Sodium CMC used in Detergent industry. It is one of basic ingredient of detergent products. Whether powder detergent, soap or liquid detergent, CMC will effectively stabilize the bubble, protect hands and prevent washes from being contaminated after washed by synthetic detergent. DECARE series also include special request, such as granular detergent and Instant detergent.

CELDEP series, Sodium CMC widely used in Mining industry as pallet binder and flotation depressant, such as gold mining, coal mining, etc. CMC is adjusting agent in mining flotation processing, it can be used as a depressant for talc and gangue minerals in base metal ores. Besides, SINOCMC can supply both granular and powder types, suitable for different mining requests.

SINOOF series, used in Textile industry as finishing agent, thickener and sizing agent. CMC can be applied on the gauze, in the process of weaving the protection of the role, to retain a good elasticity and improve durability of textiles.

In addition to above product categories, SINOCMC can also provide Paper Making grade, Ceramic grade, Oil Drilling grade products, etc. More details can be found on SINOCMC website, and welcome to contact us freely.



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