Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose Used in Detergent Powder

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, often known as Sodium CMC or CMC, is one of the basic ingredients for detergent powder.

Following are four reasons why detergent grade CMC is widely used in detergent powder manufacturing. Firstly, detergent grade CMC can dissolve quickly, which is quite an important factor for detergent powder. The viscosity of CMC used in detergent powder is relatively low, so it is easy to dissolve. Besides, because CMC is mixed with other dry substances in detergent powder, it would not clump together when dissolved in water. Thirdly, derived from refined cotton, one of the main raw materials of CMC, the final product detergent grade CMC has good whiteness, which is also valued by detergent powder manufacturers and customers. Last but not least, the cost of detergent grade CMC is not very high. That makes it the suitable material for detergent powder manufacturing.

The dosage of detergent grade CMC used in detergent powder is based on the formula and quality requirements, generally within the range of 1% to 4%. High tower spay drying is usually used in detergent powder manufacturing. Firstly, the slurry of CMC, synthetic detergent and other additives is added into the tank of the Crutcher, where there is a special high turbulence stirrer that prevents lumps formation. When mixed into a concentrated and homogeneous slurry suitable for spray drying, it is then transferred to the drying tower with a high-pressure pump for spray drying. Because of its good solubility, CMC can rapidly and evenly dissolve in the mixed solution. With few insoluble substances, CMC would not block the spray nozzles, which is why it is an ideal thickening and stabilizing agent for detergent powder manufacturing.

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