Different Dosage of Sodium CMC Used in Different Industries

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose is a kind of cellulose derivative that can be widely used in food, ceramic, paper making, mining and detergent industries, etc.
The dosage of Sodium CMC is different for different applications, and there are some suggestions on dosage for your reference.

1.CMC used in food industry
When used in sauce, ice cream, juice and ketchup, the dosage is about 1-1.5%; when Sodium CMC used in soy sauce, vinegar and vegetable oil, the dosage is about 0.2-0.6%. It can help food prolong shelf life and improve mouthfeel.

2.CMC used in detergent industry
When CMC used in powder detergent, especially in the high tower spray drying method to produce detergent powder, the dosage is about 3%-5%. Sodium CMC can also mix with Xanthan Gum, and this can prevent liquid detergent split and keep the liquid system stable. Instant CMC can help powder detergent and liquid detergent dissolve faster in water.

3.CMC used in paper making industry
When CMC used as wet end additive to increase paper strength, the dosage is about 0.2%-0.8%; when CMC used as sizing agent, the dosage is about 0.3%-0.5%. Sodium CMC is a kind of environmental paper making auxiliary which can replace PVA and PAM.

4.CMC used in ceramic industry
When CMC used in ceramic body, it can help shape ceramic body and increase body strength. The dosage is about 2%. When CMC used in ceramic glaze, it can control slurry and keep the glaze smooth. The dosage is about 1.5%.

5.CMC used in mining industry
When CMC used in chalcopyrite mining and magnetite mining, the dosage is about 80mg/L-100mg/L dressing agent. It can increase flotation efficiency well.

Please mix powder Sodium CMC with other powder chemicals and then put powder chemicals into water slowly and stirring at least 60RPM, and it will dissolve faster.



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