Sodium CMC used in detergent products

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose(CMC) is a kind of cellulose derivate which is made from natural cellulose(refined cotton or wooden fiber). It’s a kind of excellent emulsifier, suspension agent and thickener that can be used in food, detergent, ceramic, painting, paper making, and mining industries etc.


Today, we would like to introduce Sodium CMC used in detergent products. It can be mixed with STTP, SLES, LABSA, CDEA etc.

1. Sodium CMC used in powder detergent

Sodium CMC used in powder detergent act as stabilizing agent and thickening agent. Mostly it is used in high tower spray drying method to make powder detergent. Low viscosity, low purity and low D.S(Degree of Substitution) Sodium CMC is suitable for powder detergent production requests.

2. Sodium CMC used in liquid detergent

Sodium CMC can be used in industrial liquid detergent, laundry detergent and dish soap detergent. Industrial liquid detergent requires purity more than 75% and viscosity less than 800mPa.s. Laundry detergent and dish wash detergent require high purity above 99.5%.

3. Sodium CMC used in detergent paste

Sodium CMC can be used in detergent paste and mainly act as stabilizer and anti bacterial agent. The suitable type of CMC specification is lower purity(above 65%) and middle viscosity(100-600mPa.s). The dosage is about 2-3% of total dry materials.


There is a big demand quantity for detergent grade Sodium CMC. If you want to try more CMC formulations used in detergent products, please contact SINOCMC freely. Instant type Sodium CMC and granular Sodium CMC both can be provided by SINOCMC.



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