Sodium CMC Used in Medical Industry

With the development of science, the new functions of CMC are constantly explored. From the food industry, it gradually expands to other industries, and even plays a very important role in the medical field.

1. CMC can be used as Pharmaceutical Excipients

It can be added to oral medicines to make them easily processed into the desired shape, which can be helpful for digestion and absorption. It can also be used in some syrup as suspension agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers and more.

2.The role of CMC in the Field of Anti-cancer

The use of CMC in the field of anti-cancer brings good news to the patients in cancer treatment. It can play the role of medicine carrier, allowing anti-cancer medicines to stay in the bodies of patients for a longer time as they are injected into the body along with CMC, ensuring the longer-time efficacy of anti-cancer medicines and alleviating the pain of surgery.

3. The CMC can be used in Facial Plastic Surgery

Using CMC as membrane material, the Yin-nourishing and Muscle-growing Membrane can be used in skin grinding operation wounds and traumatic wounds. The study of animal model shows that the membrane has no significant difference from gauze dressings in preventing wound infection. But it is obviously better than gauze dressings in controlling the exudation of tissue fluid and rapid wound healing and it can reduce postoperative edema and wound irritation.

 4. The CMC can be used in Animal Medicine

In the field of animal medicine, especially for livestock that is pregnant and expected to give birth, injecting CMC solvent in advance can effectively prevent dystocia.

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