Sodium CMC used in Paper Making Industry

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose is a water-soluble polymer and cellulose ether made from refined cotton or wooden pulp. It can act as surface active agent and be used in paper making industry which can be mixed with modified starch, AKD(ALKYL KETENE DIMER), PAM(Polyacrylamide) and PVA(Polyvinyl Alcohol) etc. There are three processes that can use Sodium CMC in paper making production: pulping, coating and surface sizing treatment.

We will introduce more details about paper making grade Sodium CMC here:

1. Sodium CMC used as wet end additive

CMC can be used as wet end additive to increase paper strength in pulping process, mostly used in kitchen paper, paper napkin and hard paper board etc. The performance is better if mixed with modified starch or PAM.

Recommended Specification of SINOCMC: Cospar 40P, Cospar 20P and Cospar 100P

Recommended Dosage: 1%-3% of total mixed dry materials.


2. Sodium CMC used in surface sizing and coating process .

It can make the paper surface smooth and reduce paper crack. It can be mixed with PVA which can adapt to high speed coating production. Mostly used in sublimation paper, currency paper, decorating paper and double coated paper etc.

Recommended Specification of SINOCMC:

Cospar-2(Powder&Granular), Cospar-5(Powder&Granular), Cospar 10(Powder&Granular) and Cospar 50(Powder&Granular)

Recommended Dosage: 0.5%-2.5% of total mixed dry materials.



Using Sodium CMC as the surface sizing agent(rather than PVA)is the popular trend nowadays, because it’s easier to deal with the WWTP in paper mill since the BOD: COD is more than 0.5 which can be handled easily by biodegradation method. Also the paper surface smoothness is better.

It’s very critical request when Sodium CMC is used in paper making production, so you must do testing from small batch lab testing to trial production. We will adjust the specifications based on your feedback, and it may take about 1-6 months. If you need more support about paper making grade Sodium CMC, please contact us freely.



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