Sodium CMC Used in Textile Industry

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose is one of cellulose ether made by natural fibre-refined cotton and wood pulp. It can dissolve into water and increase liquid solution viscosity. It is a good thickener, emulsifier, suspension and stabilizer and it can also protect other colloids in mixed system.

1. Let’s introduce one of the most popular applications of Sodium CMC – used in textile industry as sizing agent with below advantages:
(1) It can dissolve into both cold and hot water with no special requirement for temperature;
(2) It’s easy to store with good antibacterial performance;
(3) It can keep slurry tank and pipe clean with no skin, form and gel deposition;
(4) It makes yarn separation more easy and yarns are not bonded in the weaving workshop with high humidity.

2. The dosage of textile grade Sodium CMC:
(1) For the pure cotton warp, our SINOOF-700 CMC is suitable for low count and yarns with fewer wrap roots (2 strands). SINOOF-300 CMC is suitable for yarn count high (20-40) warp. And for high yarn count (more than 40), SINOOF-30 CMC is more suitable.

The viscosity of the slurry must conform to the specific warp and fabric parameters, and should be followed; Density and yarn count increase and decrease in order to obtain optimal slurry penetration.

(2) The balance between concentration, slurry viscosity and sizing rate can ensure a reasonable drop and please pulp ratio, so that the pulp film and yarn fixed well.

Besides, Sodium CMC can also be mixed with modified starch, PVA(Polyvinyl Alcohol) and PAM (Polyacryl Amide) which can coordinate together to make textile sizing perform excellently. Meantime, the mixed auxiliary cost could be more economical compared with single Sodium CMC, PVA.

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