Sodium CMC Used in Wine Application


Sodium CMC is an excellent Hydration main used for wine tartrate, used to lock sodium hydrogen tartrate formation and aggregation. Sodium CMC with suitable degree of polymerization, it can prevent wine tartar precipitation.

Available market:

Sodium CMC was widely used in wine as excellent additive in Europe, Australia, Peru, and Chile. All the laws accepted that wine use CMC as additive is safe.

SINOCMC-FINSIN-W can effectively inhibit the formation of crystal nuclei, thereby effectively preventing the enrichment and precipitation of formed tartar crystals. Under the condition of wine medium and relatively free temperature, it will not be hydrolyzed or reset due to time advancement, and it can have stable protection during shelf-life;

The use of FINSIN-W can reduce the impact of freezing treatment on wine, and even some can weaken the freezing.

The application of FINSIN-W does not change the main structure and sensory characteristics of the treated wine, nor will it pose a potential hazard in the future.

Usage method:
The product should be dissolved in a small amount of wine to be processed, Then add the mixture to the treated wine and homogenize it.

Issue declaration:

  1. Filtration index: FINSIN-W is recommended to use in clarified or ultimately filtered wines or may cause significant filtration index problems(FI). if not done as recommended, so it is wise to do a FI test before microfiltration.
  2. Protein stability: FINSIN-W can react with proteins, especially in the presence of lysozyme, will quickly promote wine turbidity. Therefore, the protein and colloid of the wine must be stable before use.
  3. Pigment stability: For red wine, the most sensible thing is to do a preliminary experiment before adding, and to distinguish those potentially unstable colloidal components and pigment.
  4. Note: The solubility of FINSIN-W in water is 6.5%, and the maximum amount of SO2 in stable medium is 0.4%.

Reference dosage:

50-100 g / ton of wine (maximum limited range of CE 606/2009), depending on the instability of the different types wine.
If you have any interest and question about Sodium CMC used in wine, please contact SINOCMC freely.



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