The Application of Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose in Daily Detergent Products

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Sodium CMC or CMC, is an important material for many different industries, such as food, detergent, pharmaceutical, paper-making, ceramics, textile, printing, mining and oil-drilling industries etc. Today let’s talk about the application of Sodium CMC in detergent industry. CMC has been an indispensable ingredient in daily chemical products due to its ideal performance and cost-effectiveness.


1. Adding an appropriate amount of CMC when manufacturing soaps can greatly improve the quality of soap by making it flexible, easy to process and press to achieve a smooth surface, and making spices and dyes evenly distributed. 

2. The addition of CMC in the detergent paste can make the detergent slurry effectively thickened and the chemical composition stable. CMC can help with the shape-forming and bonding of the detergent paste, so that the paste is bright, smooth and delicate. It can also help preserve moisture and have resistance to high temperature. 

3. The use of CMC in washing powder can stabilize the foam. It can not only save washing time but also make the fabric soft after washing, reducing the fabric stimulation to the skin. 

4. The dish-washing liquid has high viscosity, transparency and no dilution when adding CMC to it.  

5. The addition of CMC in toothpaste can make the ingredients evenly mixed and help achieve a particularly comfortable mouthfeel and gloss; The paste has good stability and suitable consistency.  It is fine and smooth, with no dehydration, no peeling, and no atavism.

6. CMC as the main washing aid is also widely used in shampoo, shower gel, hand sanitizer, shoe polish, toilet cleaning blocks and other daily detergent necessities etc.


SINOCMC can provide many different specifications of CMC for detergent powder, detergent paste and detergent liquid etc. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.



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