The Factors Which Could Influence Sodium CMC Price

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose is one kind of cellulose ether which is a good thickener and emulsifier. The market demand is pretty big, so it is also called “Industrial MSG”
And there are more than 60 types of Sodium CMC with very big different prices. Let’s introduce several factors which influence Sodium CMC price a lot.

The vital factors which would influence Sodium CMC price:

1. Degree of Substitution(D.S): D.S differs from 0.4-1.5, the higher, the better and price is also relatively higher. The solution is more transparent with higher D.S;

2. Viscosity: viscosity differs from 1% aqueous solution 5-8000mPa.s, the higher viscosity, the higher price. Normally, powder detergent uses lower viscosity, foods and painting use higher viscosity;

3. Purity: purity is from 55%-99.5%, the higher, the better. Pharmaceutical and food use high purity more than 99.5%;

4. Dissolve time: Instant Sodium CMC in which dispersing agent is added can dissolve within 10 minutes, but it can only be used in industry since dispersing agent can’t be used in foods and pharmaceuticals.

5. Appearance: there are three types appearances of CMC- granular, powder and fibre powder. Granular CMC is mostly used in paper making, ceramic glaze and mining flotation industries. Powder CMC is the common one which is widely used in food, powder detergent, toothpaste, ceramic and painting industries. Fibre powder CMC is used as wet end additive to increase tissue paper strength.

6. Different production technology: different factories have different advantages on different types CMC. For example, some suppliers are majored in oil drilling tenders, some suppliers are expert in food grade CMC, etc. It’s very important to find the proper supplier according to your requirement.

SINOCMC can provide powder, granular and fibre powder Sodium CMC. if you have any demand, please contact us for more information. Best price and professional technology will be provided for you.



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