Application of Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose in Oil Drilling

Features of CMC applied in oil drilling:

  1. PAC has a high ability to deal with water shortage; It also has high temperature resistance, and it can handle brine well with low supplementary treatment of brine, but it will not affect other properties of mud;
  2. Good high temperature resistance, and the viscosity of salt water and dissolved water is almost unchanged, especially suitable for water drilling and deep water wells;
  3. It can handle the thixotropy of mud well and has good compressibility, which is suitable for water, sea, and salt water-based mud;
  4. In addition to being used as cementing fluid, PAC also has high processing viscosity, and the actual effect of its filter press is better;
  5. The pressure seepage fluid configured by PAC has good solubility and is easy to use, which can be configured on site. PAC is used for cementing fluid, and its filter press effect is more prominent.

The role of CMC in oil and gas fields is as follows:

The mud containing CMC can make the wellbore form thin and hard anaerobic granular mud with low water permeability, which reduces the loss of water flow.
After adding CMC to the mud, the drilling rig can obtain a lower initial shear force, so that the mud can easily release the air bubbles wrapped inside, and quickly throw the debris out of the puddle.
Drilling mud, like other floating dispersions, has a certain shelf life. Adding CMC can make it smooth and increase the shelf life.


In oil and gas field applications, CMC has the following excellent properties:

  1. High degree of substitution, well-proportioned degree of substitution, high viscosity, less dosage, reasonably improve the efficiency of mud application;
  2. Good water resistance, salt resistance, and partial alkali resistance, suitable for water, sea, and salt water-based mud;
  3. The filter cake has high cost performance and good stability, which can reasonably and stably treat the structure of soft ground and avoid well collapse.
  4. It is suitable for mud management systems that are difficult to adjust in solid state and have a large conversion range.



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