Bulk Density and Particle Size of Sodium CMC

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose is a water-soluble polymer and cellulose ether made from refined cotton and wooden pulp. There are more than 80 types Sodium CMC according to different viscosity, purity, D.S(Degree of Substitution) and appearance. It can be widely used in food, pharmaceutical, paper making, detergent, ceramic and painting industries.

Some customers ask for particle size and bulk density of Sodium CMC during application. Let’s introduce these two items briefly:

1. Food grade CMC. Normally, it’s 90% pass 80 mesh or 100% pass 60mesh, with bulk density 500g/l-850g/l. 100mesh can also be available if you have special requests.

2. Detergent grade CMC. If you use CMC to make powder detergent, the production method is high tower spray drying method and the bulk density is 850 g/l-950 g/l. If you have special request for bulk density 500g/l-850g/l, the formula will be different and cost will be much higher- please confirm the end use first.

3. Paper making grade CMC. There are two types CMC- granular and fibre powder. Mesh size of the granular one is 90% pass 20mesh, 40% pass 40mesh and it’s mostly used in coated paper as sizing auxiliary. As to fibre powder CMC, it is about 90% pass 40mesh, mostly used as wet end additive to increase tissue paper strength.

4. Pharmaceutical grade Sodium CMC. If the CMC is used in capsule, it’s better to control the particle size to min. 95% pass 100 mesh and 80 mesh CMC is available for other drugs.

In conclusion, the particle size and bulk density depend on the final application. If you have special requests for finished products, we can control during Sodium CMC production. For further information about Sodium CMC characteristics, please contact SINOCMC directly.



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