CMC in the Toothpaste Industry

The improvement of people’s living standard is accompanied by more diverse food intake. In addition to daily noodles, vegetables, meat, eggs, dairy products and fruits, various snacks and drinks, as well as food with different methods, are becoming increasingly abundant. The intake of protein, oil, sugar and other foods far exceeds the historical average level of humanity in the past. This can lead to different oral problems in daily life due to dietary intake and unhealthy oral habits whether for adults or children. It is increasingly important to adhere to daily brushing for oral cleaning, and CMC is an important component of toothpaste.


At present, there are many kinds of toothpastes on the market. The effect is improved by adding sea salt, plants, enzymes and other ingredients, but CMC is one of its basic ingredients. Toothpaste paste is a kind of system composed of water, hydrophilic liquid raw materials, water-soluble solid raw materials, insoluble solid raw materials and oil soluble essence, under the action of thickening agent and surfactant (foaming agent), which is stable, complex in composition uniformly distributed mixture of suspended colloids.

Due to the inherent characteristic of CMC, it can serve as a good stabilizer, thickener, and adhesive, effectively preventing solid-liquid separation of the paste during storage, maintaining its morphology and maintaining uniformity. CMC has good salt resistance and enzyme resistance, and is perfectly compatible with other raw materials in toothpaste, ensuring a uniform paste texture; The good rheological properties and thixotropy ensure the thickening effect of CMC viscosity on the toothpaste paste;  The characteristics of strong acid resistance and microbial resistance are suitable for the oral environment, which can effectively improve the cleaning effect of toothpaste. In addition, CMC, as a degradable green chemical, is not added during the raw materials and production process, and its safety and stability can fully ensure that there is no harm to human health.


Different toothpaste formulations require CMC with different viscosity and additive amount. SINOCMC can provide various viscosity specifications and high degree of substitution(D.S) products, including D.S 0.7-0.9 or above 0.9, to adapt to different toothpaste products. We welcome your inquires.



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