The Specific Application of Sodium CMC for Different Food Products

In previous article, we talked about the properties of Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (Sodium CMC or CMC) suitable for food industry. Today we will introduce the specific application of CMC for different food products.

1. Cotton candy: CMC can not only prevent the dehydration of the product, but also make the structure fluffy. When combined with gelatin, it can significantly improve the viscosity of gelatin. High molecular weight CMC (DS around 1.0) should be selected for this application. 

2. Ice cream: The viscosity of CMC is relatively lower at higher temperatures, and the viscosity increases when cooling, which is conducive to the improvement of product expansion rate and easy to operate. CMC with viscosity about 2500cps should be selected, and the reference dosage is below 0.4%. 


3. Fruit juice drinks, soups, sauces, instant solid drinks: CMC has good rheology property and refreshing taste, and its good suspension stability makes the product flavour and texture uniform. Acidic juice requires CMC with even degree of substitution, and the effect will be better if a certain proportion of other water-soluble gum (such as xanthan gum) is mixed.  High viscosity CMC should be selected. 


4. Instant noodles: It is easy to control water content, reduce oil absorption, and increase the gloss of noodles by adding 0.1% CMC. 

The Specific Application of Sodium CMC for Different Food Product

5. Dehydrated vegetables and other dehydrated foods, like beancurd skin and dried beancurd sticks: CMC has good rehydration and good appearance, which make it an ideal material for dehydrated products. High viscosity CMC (DS 0.6 or so) should be selected. 

6. Noodles, bread and other frozen foods: CMC can control starch aging, dehydration and paste viscosity. If mixed with konjaku powder, xanthan gum and some other emulsifiers, the effect will be better. Medium viscosity CMC (DS 0.5-0.8) should be selected. 

7. Orange juice, granular orange, coconut milk and fruit tea: CMC has good suspension property. If combined with xanthan gum or agar, a better effect can be achieved for above products. Medium viscosity CMC (DS 0.7 or so) should be selected. 

8. Soy sauce: Adding salt-resistant CMC to adjust its viscosity can make soy sauce taste delicate and lubricated.

SINOCMC can supply various specifications of food grade CMC. If you are interested, please feel free to reach to us.



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