Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose Applied in Edible Packaging Film

In the previous article, we talked about the properties of Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (Sodium CMC or CMC), which make it an ideal material for edible packaging film. CMC membrane is an efficient barrier to oxygen, carbon dioxide and lipids, and the film can prolong the shelf life and ensure the quality of food by preventing oxygen, moisture and solute migration. Today, we will introduce the specific application of CMC in edible inner packaging film.


1. CMC – lotus root starch – tea tree oil edible film can meet the requirements of green, safe and pollution-free. It can gurantee both the food quality and the packaging effect. It is expected to be developed and applied to replace the traditional plastic film in the packaging bags of instant noodles, instant coffee, instant cereal and soybean milk powder. 

2. With CMC as film forming base material, glycerin as plasticizer, we can add tapioca starch as auxiliary material to prepare condiment edible composite film. It is more suitable for storage of vinegar and powder packaging within 30 days and long-term oil packaging film. 

3. Using CMC aqueous solution as carrier and food grade tangerine as raw material, we can make tangerine – CMC composite coating material, and it can be used to extend the shelf life of cucumber.

4. Lemon peel powder, glycerin and CMC can also be used as film forming materials for edible film. The tensile strength of lemon peel film increases with the increase of CMC. The fiber in lemon peel powder and CMC produce hydrophobic interaction, improving the stability of the spatial network structure. Compared with other edible films, it has certain advantages, such as overcoming the shortcomings of poor moisture resistance and easy stickiness of polysaccharide films. The optimized edible film of lemon peel powder with CMC can be used in the inner packaging of confectionery and has great development potential in the inner packaging of food.


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