Sodium CMC for Food Applications

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose is a water-soluble polymer and cellulose ether made from refined cotton and wooden pulp. It’s also called E466 food additive and Sodium CMC. The most popular application is in food industry, such as milk, yogurt, ketchup, mayonnaise, cans, frozen foods, juice and beverage, etc.

Let’s introduce these applications briefly:

1. Sodium CMC used in milk and yogurt.
Food Grade CMC can be used in various protein and milk beverages to prevent oil-water separation, improve protein stability, prevent protein precipitation and thicken almond milk. It can increase the mellowness of yogurt and improve the flavor.

Recommended specification of CMC: FINSIN-5(FH2000), FINSIN-6(FH3000)
Recommended Dosage: 0.06%-0.18%

2. Sodium CMC used in cans and frozen foods.
Sodium CMC used in cans and frozen foods can significantly improve the tenderness, color, and flavor of the foods. Besides, it can improve the water retention of meat products and increase the yield rate and prolong the shelf life.

Recommended specification of CMC: FINSIN-4(FH1000), FINSIN-7(FH4000)
Recommended Dosage: 0.1%-0.25%

3. Sodium CMC used in fruit juice.
Sodium CMC used in fruit juice can prevent oily water separation, improve protein stability and prevent protein flocculation and sedimentation. It can be mixed with pectin, Xanthan Gum and Guar Gum to keep the whole liquid system stable for a long time.

Recommended specification of CMC: FINSIN-5(FH2000), FINSIN-A5(FVH9-3), FINSIN-A2(FH9)
Recommended Dosage: 0.05%-0.15%

4. Sodium CMC used in jam, ketchup and mayonnaise.
Sodium CMC used in ketchup, jam and mayonnaise can thicken, stabilize, enhance the taste and flavor can increase suspension performance of solid particles time. It can support stability in acid and salty seasonings.

Recommended specification of CMC: FINSIN-5(FH2000), FINSIN-A5(FVH9-3)
Recommended Dosage: 0.06%-0.18%
Above just includes partial applications of Sodium CMC and it can also be used in powder detergent, paper making and ceramic industries. If you have any interest in our Sodium CMC, please contact SINOCMC directly.



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