The principle and application of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose in the field of detergents

As a derivative of cellulose, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose has its applications in all walks of life. Today we will introduce its application in the field of detergents. What are its principles and methods of use? Follow the editor’s guide, Let’s meet together!

The role of CMC-Na in detergents is mainly its emulsification and protective colloid properties. The anions generated during the washing process can simultaneously make the surface of the washed object and the dirt particles negatively charged, so that the dirt particles are in the water phase. There is phase separation, and it is repelled from the surface of the solid phase to be washed, so it can prevent the dirt from re-depositing on the washed object, keeping white fabrics white, and colored fabrics with bright color. The aqueous solution ratio of CMC which is generally used in detergent is 2%. There is still a misunderstanding here. Even many experts feel that CMC-Na itself has a washing effect and can wash off the dirt, which is wrong.

So what is it like? Let’s explain in detail below. CMC-Na has a builder effect, especially for cotton fabrics in hard water. It stabilizes the foam, saving washing time while enabling repeated use of the washing liquid. CMC-Na is used for slurry detergent, which has a stable effect and can prevent the detergent from precipitation. The amount of CMC-Na used in the detergent depends on the formula and quality requirements of the detergent, generally within the range of 1-4%. The method of use is to add the monomer slurry of the synthetic detergent into the tank of the agitator, and then add the sodium carboxymethyl cellulose and other auxiliary agents together.
After the preparation is completed, it is transported to the drying tower by a high-pressure pump for spray drying. Because of the good solubility of CMC-Na, it can be quickly and uniformly dissolved in the mixed solution of detergent. High-purity CMC-Na has very little insoluble matter and will not block the spray nozzle, so it can be widely promoted.

The role of CMC-Na in detergents is mainly described above, and the utilization in soaps is completely ignored. However, under the clear conditions of application in detergents, it is very easy to understand when used in soaps. Adding an appropriate amount of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose during the manufacture of soap has the same advantages as the above synthetic detergents, and can also make the soap material soft and easy to process and press. After emulsification, CMC-Na can release fragrances and dyes evenly, and is an indispensable raw material for soap making.

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose has a wide range of applications, whether it is soap or detergent, CMC-Na is widely used. Through the application of various industries, we can know more about the performance of the product.



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