Sodium CMC and Detergent Products

Why is Sodium CMC an important component of detergent products?

When CMC dissolved in water, it has good thickening, dispersing and emulsifying effects. It can absorb particles in oil and disperse the suspension in the oil in the water. It can also make the liquid detergent products have a certain viscosity, so that the solution state remains stable. Therefore, CMC is very important for processing detergent powder and detergent liquid.

As CMC is mixed with other substances into dry powder and added to water, it will not form clusters when dissolving. The formula contains a variety of chemicals, such as baking soda, Sodium dodecyl sulfonate, sodium silicate and detergent grade CMC, etc.

Concentrated detergent powder is made by pre-mixing, attaching, conditioning, drying, sieving and other processes. Among them, the addition ratio of CMC varies according to different formulas, and it is generally about 2% solution, with relatively low viscosity.
CMC used in detergent liquid is mainly because of its properties of emulsification and protective colloids. The anions generated during the washing process can simultaneously make the surface of the laundry and the dirt particles negatively charged so that the dirt particles are in the water phase separation, which repels the surface of the solid-phase laundry (the same charge repels), so it can prevent dirt from re-depositing on the laundry, keeping white fabrics white, and colored fabrics bright in color.

The ingredients of detergent liquid include AES, sodium hydroxide, sulfonic acid, sodium chloride and detergent grade CMC, etc. Before dissolving, these ingredients need to be thoroughly mixed under solid state according to the formula, and then the liquid is added and stirred in the same direction continuously. The addition ratio of CMC is about 0.5%-2% according to different formulas, for reference only.

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