The Role of Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose in Paper-making Industry

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is an efficient paper-making additive, which can be used in many processes such as pigment coating, pulp addition, surface sizing, etc. It has good water retention, dispersion and excellent shear thinning property. We will introduce the three main roles of CMC in the paper industry as follows.


1. Paint coating 

(1) Control and adjust the rheology of the paint and the dispersion of the pigment, improve the solid content of the paint; 

(2) Make the coating with pesudo-plasticity, improve the coating speed; 

(3) Enhance water retention of paint and migration of water-soluble textile adhesives; 

(4) Good film formation and improve the gloss of the coating;

(5) Improve the retention rate of whitening agent in coating, thus improving the whiteness of paper; 

(6) Improve the lubrication performance of the coating, improve the coating quality and prolong the service life of the scraper. 


2. Add in pulp 

(1)Improve grinding efficiency, promote fiber refinement and shorten the beating time; 

(2) Adjust the electric potential in the pulp, evenly disperse the fiber and further improve the paper sheet forming; 

(3) Improve the retention of various additives, fillers and fine fibers; 

(4) Increase the binding force between fibers and improve the physical properties of paper; 

(5) Improve the dry and wet strength of the paper when combined with dry and wet strengthening agents; 

(6) Protect rosin, AKD and other sizing agents so as to enhance the sizing effect. 


3. Surface sizing 

(1) Good rheology and film forming properties;

(2) Reduce paper surface porosity and improve paper oil resistance; 

(3) Increase the brightness and gloss of the paper; 

(4) Increase the stiffness and smoothness of the paper, control the crimp; 

(5) Improve the surface strength and wear resistance of paper, reduce the loss of wool and powder, and improve the printing quality.

There are various types of CMC that can be used in paper-making industry. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.



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