Different Products Need Different Sodium CMC Dosage

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose is one kind of good thickener and emulsifier, which can be mixed with Xanthan Gum, pectin and guar gum. Sodium CMC can be widely used in jam, ketchup, milk, juice, yogurt and ice cream, etc. But different products need different dosage, let’s introduce briefly here.

For Food Industry: International standard acceptable daily intake(ADI) is 25mg/(kg.d), it’s about 1.5g/d for adult.

1. Sodium CMC used in ice cream , jelly, juice and milk, the dosage is about 1%-1.5%.

2. Sodium CMC used in cake, meat, soy sauce, the dosage is about 0.2%-0.5%.

For Paper Making industry:

1. Sodium CMC used as sizing agent, the dosage is about 0.1-0.3% (as all solid materials dry basis). It can mix with PVA and modified starch which can reduce WWTP problems during production.

For Ceramic industry:

1. Sodium CMC used in ceramic slurry, the dosage is about 3%-5%. It can help shape the ceramic body. It needs middle viscosity, lower Degree of Substitution (D.S).

2. Sodium CMC used in ceramic glaze (), the dosage is about 0.5%-4%. It needs CMC with high purity, high Degree of Substitution (D.S) and lower viscosity.

For Detergent industry:

1. Sodium CMC used in powder detergent , especially for the production method of high tower spray drying to make powder detergent, the dosage is about 3%-8%. It can mix with Soda Ash, NaOH, etc.

2. Sodium CMC used in liquid detergent, like liquid detergent for car washing, floor washing, etc. It can mix with Xanthan Gum and keep the whole liquid detergent system stable for long time. The dosage is about 3%-5%. The ratio of CMC: Xanthan Gum =3:1.

Besides, Sodium CMC dosage can also be influenced by different viscosity, purity, etc. For example, if you use high viscosity and high purity CMC, the dosage can be reduced compared with lower viscosity and lower purity. Otherwise, you need to increase the dosage. So how can we choose the suitable type CMC and dosage? It all depends on your production cost calculation, your national regulation control and application.

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